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Winter Reading Club December 14, 2006

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Here’s a simple, low-cost idea that encourages kids to read for fun through the winter. The rules of “Winter Reading Club” are simple. Kids sign up, and then each time they visit the library, they get a sticker for each book read. They can then decorate a mural-sized poster with their stickers.

Parkville uses a sheet of blue roll paper painted with a simple snow scene, and provides snowflake stickers for the kids.

A big Christmas tree and ornament stickers might work too; fish stickers and an undersea scene; or bird stickers in a winter landscape. How much creativity you want to put into the mural is up to you!

Materials required:

  • a big sheet of roll paper
  • a couple rolls of stickers
  • sign-up sheet

The best source for roll stickers that we’ve found is our old friend the Oriental Trading Company. Search on “roll stickers”. They’re typically $2.50 to $3.00 per roll of 100 stickers. By the way, if you’re hoping to find stickers that are strictly identical, your choices will be limited to American flags, “I Voted,” or smiley faces.



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