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Happy Year of the Pig! January 30, 2007

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New Year facts and trivia:

Chinese New Year festivities last for 15 days – this year, it’s February 18 through March 5.

Chinese New Year is the occasion of the largest yearly human migration, when Chinese people living around the world return home on the eve of Chinese New Year to have a reunion dinner with their families.

Traditional New Year decorations include red banners with the word for “happiness” written on them; peach blossoms; kumquat plants; geranium; and narcissus.

New Year superstitions (from Wikipedia):

  • Buying a pair of shoes is considered bad luck. The word “shoes” is a homonym to the word for “rough” in Cantonese.
  • A hair-cut is considered bad luck. The word “hair” sounds like the word for “prosperity”. Thus “cutting hair” could be perceived as “cutting your prosperity” in Cantonese.
  • Candy is eaten to ensure the eater a “sweet” year.
  • Sweeping the floor is considered bad luck, as it will sweep away the good fortune and luck for the new year; having a bath will wash away the good fortune.
  • Talking about death is inappropriate for the first few days of Chinese New Year, as it is considered inauspicious as well.
  • Buying books is bad luck, because it is a homonym to the word “lose”.

It’s a great time of year to offer up a tempting array of beautiful new books to borrow!

Click “more” for a list of bright new Chinese biographies, art books, poetry, cookbooks, history and fiction for an auspicious Chinese New Year display:

  • China dolls by Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan. Fiction
  • The people’s republic of desire by Annie Wang. Fiction
  • Love in a fallen city by Eileen Chang; translated by Karen Kingsbury and Eileen Chang. (Short Stories)
  • American born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang; color by Lark Pien. Y GRAPHIC NOVEL Y
  • Tiger magic by Laurence Yep. J Y
  • Guanxi (The art of relationships): Microsoft, China, and Bill Gates’s plan to win the road ahead by Robert Buderi and Gregory T. Huang. 338.8 B
  • Soldiers of the dragon : Chinese armies 1500 BC-AD 1840 by Chris Peers. 355.0095 P
  • Ancient healing for modern women: traditional Chinese medicine for all phases of a woman’s life by Xiaolan Zhao; with Kanae Kinoshita. 613.0424 Z
  • Feed your tiger: the Asian diet secret for for permanent weight loss and vibrant health by Letha Hadady. 613.25 H
  • Soul mind body medicine: a complete soul healing system for optimum health and vitality by Zhi Gang Sha. 615.5 S
  • My grandmother’s Chinese kitchen : 100 family recipes and life lessons by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo; brush calligraphy by San Yan Wong. 641.5951 L
  • The Fine Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Walter Chen. 751.425 C
  • The Shambhala anthology of Chinese poetry translated and edited by J.P. Seaton; with additional translations by James Cryer. 895.1 S
  • Chinese lessons : five classmates and the story of the new China by John Pomfret. 951.058 P
  • The island of seven cities: where the Chinese settled when they discovered America by Paul Chiasson. 971.6 C
  • A thousand miles of dreams: the journeys of two Chinese sisters by Sasha Su-Ling Welland. B L
  • Su Dongpo: Chinese genius by Demi. J B S
  • Amy Tan: author and storyteller by Natalie M. Rosinsky. J B T
  • Good fortune: my journey to gold mountain by Li Keng Wong. J B W
  • The eighth promise : an American son’s tribute to his Toisanese mother by William Poy Lee. ON ORDER
  • The Shun Lee Cookbook: Recipes from a Chinese Restaurant Dynasty by Michael Tong and Elaine Louie. ON ORDER
  • Simple Chinese Cooking by Kylie Kwong. ON ORDER
  • Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes from Hunan Province by Fuchsia Dunlop. ON ORDER
  • The great race : the story of the Chinese zodiac written by Dawn Casey; illustrated by Anne Wilson. ON ORDER (Juvenile nonfiction)


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