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Balloons on your birthday February 23, 2007

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Author birthday balloons

… if you’re a J author in Towson, that is.

Tyler Wolfe, Towson’s merchandizing coordinator, came up with this scavenger-hunt-esque idea for pepping up the J fiction shelves. Tyler writes: 

You might see some little balloon tags around the JArea. I’ve stuck up very small “Happy Birthday” signs next to childrens authors (Easies and J Fiction) who have birthdays this month (with the author and date). It seemed like a fun and simple way to put a little more color around and maybe highlight some good authors. If the signs don’t all get destroyed in the first week, I’ll probably try to keep it up each month.

Feel free to give a bit of a merchandising preference to anyone you see with a tag. After all, it is their birthday.

He uses the list of authors and their birthdays compiled by Kidsreads.com. Kidsreads.com is a nice place to visit if you’d like to keep abreast of upcoming books, especially series titles. They have links to tons of author websites, games, and reviews as well.


Coloring pages, word searches and more February 22, 2007

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Now on Grooming Tips from Sneaks, we’ll be including links to coloring pages in our posts on seasonal display topics. In the meantime, here are a few online resources for fun one-page activities to hand out to kids.

There’s a bad moon on the rise February 22, 2007

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March 3, moonrise: that’s when you’ll see the full moon turn deep red.

From the moon’s perspective, the sun will be blocked by the Earth, creating a ring of fire. That fiery ring will be reflected on the moon’s surface. It’s described by NASA as “extraordinary,” and you know when those scientists start rolling out the big adjectives it must be pretty special!

If you’ve got a lonely little space for some non-fiction, highlight this event by pulling out a few moony titles:

  • The moon landing, 629.45
  • Lunar travel, 629.454, especially If you go to the moon by Faith McNulty, illustrated by Steven Kellogg.
  • Earth’s moon, 523.3.

Or take a different tack and pull out moon stories from your J 398s.

Handout resource: A labeled lunar eclipse page.

The pipes, the pipes are calling… February 15, 2007

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Herewith, some resources for Irish-American Heritage Month and St. Patrick’s Day:

Here’s a good list of Irish authors
And here’s one that includes Irish-American authors
Irish children’s books can be found here
Interesting Irish-American facts

New! Click on any of the following links for St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages:

Hey, hey, Indians a-comin’ February 15, 2007

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Mardi Gras begins February 20. Laissez les bon temps roulez with books about New Orleans, cajun cookbooks, and novels set during the madness of Mardi Gras. Add some cajun, zydeco and New Orleans jazz CD’s, and you’ll have your own Mardi Gras parade float display!

Click “more” to see a list – we look ’em up so you don’t have to!


Teen Tech Week, March 4-10 February 15, 2007

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New for 2007, YALSA announces Teen Tech Week, an event aimed at “getting teens to use their libraries for the different technologies that are offered there, such as DVDs, databases, audiobooks, electronic games and more.”

More teen tech resources, including information about blogging, creating a wiki, and a link to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, have been aggregated by YALSA.

To read a mockingbird February 9, 2007

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Maryland Public Television (MPT) is sponsoring a month-long celebration of Harper Lee‘s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird this March. They are calling it The Big Read, and here’s what they have to say about it:

To Kill a Mockingbird is a renowned American novel that has a rare quality: it can be discovered with excitement in adolescence and re-read into adulthood without fear of disappointment. A great book combines enlightenment with enchantment. It awakens our imagination and enlarges our humanity.

During The Big Read, 2,000 copies of the book will be given away to interested children and adults, and there will be art and writing competitions, gallery exhibits, luncheons, free films and panel discussions. Please support The Big Read by reading the book and participating in the activities!

More love February 6, 2007

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Are your Valentine’s Day displays getting a little thin already? Looking for something to plump them up?

Try cherry-picking the most positive-sounding titles from 646.77, 646.78 and 306.7. Grab a few shiny sex instruction books from 613.98 and massage books from 615.822. Romantic music is a must. And don’t forget poetrybiographies of famous lovers, and travel guides to romantic getaway spots.

Click “more” to see some suggestions.


Dog Days February 4, 2007

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It has all of the glamour and suspense of a beauty pageant, and none of the sketchy politics: the  Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will attract almost 8 million viewers on January 12th and 13th. The spectacle of so many meticulously groomed, sometimes wacky-looking dogs is fascinating to large numbers of dog lovers and non-dog owners alike. If you have a little space that’s looking for something topical, why not bring out your own Best In Show books from 636.7? Or a quick collection of juvenile dog books, from Shiloh to Because of Winn-Dixie.