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March is National Craft Month March 1, 2007

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We all know that crafting has outgrown its summer-camp-on-a-rainy-day image. As we see every year when the ACC Craft Show comes to town, craft is now high art as well as hobby art. In addition, legions of hipsters have embraced sewing, embroidery, knitting, and the use of acrylic pom-poms to enhance their lives and lampshades. 

Baltimore, by the way, is something of a destination for Craft-with-a-capital-C. In addition to the annual ACC show, Maryland Institute College of Art has Fiber, Ceramics and Graphic Design programs that blur the line between art and craft, the Baltimore Museum of Art often hosts exhibitions that feature artists working in media traditionally associated with craft, and the American Visionary Art Museum is loaded with art made with craft materials.

So maybe your crafts display doesn’t have to be in adult non-fiction – maybe highlight some D.I.Y. books in Young Adult… maybe drop a little display of craft books over by the baby area… and certainly J is a good place for a little display. Crafts are for everyone!



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