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Smart TV August 7, 2007

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On a hot day, it’s very tempting to keep the kids inside and park them in front of the TV. Give parents and caregivers an alternative to cartoons by putting out some of your more exciting non-fiction DVD’s. Click “more” for some suggestions.

Supernatural, vol 1 & 2 / National Geographic Television & Film. DVD 133 S

Last days on earth / ABC News. DVD 303.49 L

Cold case files: the most infamous cases. DVD 363.25 C

Forensic investigations / Lance Entertainment. DVD 363.25 F

The boys of Baraka / Loki Films, LLC. DVD 365.43 B

Roving Mars / Disney. DVD 523.43 R

Death of a star / WGBH. DVD 523.8446 D

Planet Earth : The complete series / 2 entertain. DVD 550 P

Mystery of the megavolcano / Nova/WGBH Boston. DVD 551.21 M

The Great Barrier reef / a Graphic Films Corporation production. DVD 551.424 G

Tsunami The wave that shook the world / a Pioneer Productions film for NOVA/WGBH and Channel 4. DVD 551.47 T

Tornado glory: experience the real chase / Angry Sky Entertainment. DVD 551.553 T

Chased by dinosaurs / Impossible Pictures.  DVD 567.9 C

Tropical rainforest / a presentation of The Science Museum of Minnesota. DVD 577.34 T

Aliens of the deep / Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media. DVD 577.77 M

Nova : the unknown world. DVD 579 N

Wild chronicles. DVD 591.5 W

Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild kingdom. DVD 591.77, DVD 591.96, DVD 598.9, DVD 599.

Shark weekDVD 597.3 S

March of the penguinsDVD 598.47 M

Apollo 11: the Eagle has landed / Academy. DVD 629.454 A

The great robot race / NOVA/WGBH Boston. DVD 629.892 G

Real pirates of the Caribbean: a history of piracy through the ages / Highland Entertainment. DVD 910.45 R

Ghosts of the abyss / Walt Disney Pictures. DVD 910.9163 G

Titanic’s final moments: missing piecesDVD 910.9163 T

The Endurance: Shackleton’s legendary Antartic expedition / a White Mountain Films, NOVA co-production. DVD 919.8904 E

Egyptian pyramids / produced by Actuality Productions, Inc. for the History Channel. DVD 932 E

Troy: ancient myths and unsolved mysteries / National Geographic Television & Film. DVD 939.21 T

Paper clips / One Clip At A Time HMA. DVD 940.5318 P

The Tuskegee airmen / Rubicon Productions. DVD 940.5449 T

Africa. / a coproduction of National Geographic Television, Thirteen/WNET New York. DVD 967 A

10 days that unexpectedly changed America / All Productions in association with @Radical Media for The History Channel. DVD 973 T



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