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Who is this “Master Chief” fellow?* September 6, 2007

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Halo 3 is hitting the streets September 25, and it’s going to be pretty big. “Pretty big” like one million have already been ordered.

Backing up a little: Halo 3 (and its precursors, Halo and Halo 2) is a game, described as “a team-based third-person 3D shooter, set in an exceptionally complex futuristic setting.” Halo and Halo 2 were available as games that you played on PC or Microsoft’s Xbox, but Halo 3 will be available only on the Xbox 360.

Sony’s Playstation platform has long been the most popular of the game platforms, with Nintendo’s Wii coming in second since its introduction last holiday season. Microsoft hopes to surge ahead with Halo 3. It may happen, or it may not, but Halo 3 definitely represents a big event on the video game shelves, and your other Xbox games may be in higher demand for users who can’t get their mitts on a copy.

* According to the game’s website: “The Master Chief was the sole Spartan to leave the Reach system aboard the Pillar of Autumn (with the exception of Linda-058 in cryo). For all he knew, he was the last Spartan alive. All of humanity depended on him, for even after their defeat at Halo 04 the Covenant were still strong, and there were new enemies and variables to contend with that Earth knew nothing about: the Flood, the Forerunner, and their creations, such as 343 Guilty Spark.”

Does that clear things up?



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