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Wonder wall October 3, 2007

Posted by sneaks in display topics.

New books

What is it about this display of new books that is so appealing? This Howard County branch turned a long narrow hallway space into a bustling, high-turnover new-book alley, using only these old beige Princeton shelves.

Why does this work?
The vertical shelf units take up very little floor space, leaving ample room for patrons to stand back and survey large areas of shelving.

These units may not be beautiful, but there are a whole lot of them! There’s tons of shelf space here, so books are shelved spine-out on the middle three shelves only, with plenty of space on each shelf for face-out display.

The top and bottom shelf are packed with face-out books.

Wire book supports are employed on the bottom shelf, so that the books are angled upward, and easier to see.



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