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Storyville February 23, 2008

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Storyville General Store

Have you been to Storyville yet? Better yet, have you taken a preschooler to Storyville?

What a wonderful, amazing piece of work this is! The attention to detail, the beauty of every element, the craftsmanship… everything in Storyville is cleverly designed to make the best use of space and to cram as many developmental skills as possible into the Storyville experience.

Just as an example: we LOVED the store. First you do your shopping, choosing among the healthy delicious foods for sale with your child. There are scales to weigh your items – very popular.

When it’s time to check out, the kid puts on an apron, scans each item and rings you up (did you know that all kids know what the rectangle of glass at the supermarket checkout is for and how you use it? I did not, until I saw my four year old do it). The cash register works, and is stocked with play money and a couple credit cards.

After you buy your food, then you sort all the food back into its proper bin, shelf, or basket.

The Storyville General Store incorporates about a hundred developmental skills, plus it’s fun, plus the items are bright-colored and detailed and just – neat.

Then there’s the Theater, or, more properly, the Theater District, as it incorporates both a puppet theater and a live-action stage.

Currently, the stage is set so that kids can perform The Mitten, by Jan Brett. Masks of each character are provided, as well as a poster listing the dramatis personae and a giant-size copy of the book. The vertical pylons at the rear of the stage rotate to reveal three different backgrounds: woodland, farm, and one more.

The costumes deserve special note – a Rosedale staff member made them after searching in vain for sturdy costumes that were easy to put on and take off. They are beautiful, with extra-reinforced seams and luxurious fake fur, and invite imaginative play.

Congratulations to everyone involved – Storyville is breathtaking!



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