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Shiny tidbits of news April 1, 2008

Posted by sneaks in display topics.

Culled from AL Direct and Booklist online, here’s the library and book news that caught our eye this week.

A better way to buy books online – BetterWorld collects library discards, sells them online through Amazon, Half.com, and their own website, and a percentage of the proceeds is returned to the library. Another percentage is donated to literacy programs around the world.

This sounds like good news: OverDrive is now offering DRM-free MP3 files for download: finally, books from the library on your iPod!

Is it Gay-man or Guy-man? Now you can hear it from the horse’s mouth! Teachingbooks.net offers brief recordings of Neil Gaiman and hundreds of other authors and illustrators saying “Hello, my name is __________“.

As reported in The New York Times, more and more magazines are putting their back catalogs online, for free. So while the EBSCO database may have TIME magazine back to 1984, the magazine’s website serves up every issue from 1923 on. CQ, Sports Illustrated, Harpers, and other useful magazines have done it too. So if you can’t find it in EBSCO, try going to the source.

For kids: talk about your favorite book, win prizes! The Storytubes contest encourages kids to make a short video about a favorite book, upload the video to YouTube, and send the link to Storytubes to be entered in their contest. Lots of nice prizes, and I can’t wait to watch some of the videos.



1. betterworldjack - April 2, 2008

Thanks for the love, Sneaks, we’re pretty happy with what we do here at Better World. By the way, love the Storytubes link, definitely going to steal that for the blog today… so double thanks.

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