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Tour du Pope April 13, 2008

Posted by sneaks in display topics.

Pope Benedict XVI touches down in the U.S. on Tuesday for a five-day visit. Take advantage of the media attention and pull a few books on Catholicism and spirituality in general. Some suggestions when you click “more”.

Without roots : the West, relativism, Christianity, Islam. Benedict, Pope; Marcello Pera; Michael Moore. 261 B

The rule of Benedict : Pope Benedict XVI and his battle with the modern world. David Gibson. 282 G

Pope Benedict XVI : his life and mission. Stephen Mansfield. B B

Pope Benedict XVI : a biography of Joseph Ratzinger. John L Allen. B B

Pope Benedict XVI. Cliff Mills. J B B

As it was in the beginning : the coming democratization of the Catholic Church / Robert McClory. 262 M

The Catholic martyrs of the twentieth century : a comprehensive world history / Robert Royal. 272 R

Questions and answers. Pope Benedict XVI. 282 B

The Catholic experience in America. Joseph A. Varacalli. 282.73 V

The faithful : a history of Catholics in America. James M. O’Toole. 282.73 O

Anti-Catholicism in America : the last acceptable prejudice. Mark S. Massa. 305.6 M

A Nation for All: How the Catholic Vision of the Common Good Can Save America from the Politics of Division. Alexia Kelley. ON ORDER

The Catholic Awakening : How Catholicism Became America’s National Church, And How That Church Came to Dominate American Politics. Joseph Bottum. ON ORDER

In God’s name. Jules Naudet And Gedeon Naudet ; photographs by Stephan Crasneanscki ; interviews by Virginie Luc. 200 N

Sacred causes : the clash of religion and politics, from the Great War to the War on Terror / Michael Burleigh. 322.1 B

Let God’s light shine forth : the spiritual vision of Pope Benedict XVI / edited and with an introduction by Robert Moynihan. 230 B

Our endangered values : America’s moral crisis. Jimmy Carter. 306.0973 C

Letter to a Christian nation. Sam Harris. 277.3 H

Jesus of Nazareth : from the baptism in the Jordan to the transfiguration. Benedict, Pope; Adrian J Walker. 232.9 B

God’s politics : why the right gets it wrong and the left doesn’t get it. Jim Wallis. 261.7 W

God’s choice : Pope Benedict XVI and the future of the Catholic Church. George Weigel. 282 W

The essential Pope Benedict XVI : his central writings and speeches. Benedict, Pope; John F Thornton; Susan B Varenne. 230.2 B

American gospel : God, the founding fathers, and the making of a nation. Jon Meacham. 322.1 M

Catholicism and American freedom : a history. John T. McGreevy. 282 M

The best American Catholic short stories : a Sheed & Ward collection / edited by Daniel McVeigh and Patricia Schnapp. S

and of course…

What to wear to see the Pope / Christine Lehner. Fic LEH



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