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Kid-a-palooza May 29, 2008

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From Cynopsis Kids:

Buena Vista Concerts and AEG Live unveil plans for the Disney Music Block Party Tour (www.disneymusicblockpartytour.com), a kid/family-targeted festival style live concert series featuring a range of artists.  Sponsored by Playskool and NAMM, the afternoon concert events will also feature variety of on-site activities, including: trying out new toys at Playskool’s Play Experience area; make their own music at NAMM’s Wanna Play? Musical instrument area; games; dance floors; and a tent where kids can watch Playhouse Disney.  The 23-date national concert tour kicks off Friday, July 25 in New Jersey. Participating artists on select dates will include They Might Be Giants, Imagination Movers, Barenaked Ladies, Dan Zanes, Ralph’s World, and Choo Choo Soul, and special guest host Raven-Symone.

Something Disney concert Playskool… blah blah blah… huh-whuh?! Dan Zanes? Barenaked Ladies? They Might Be Giants?! Dude, we’re goin’!

We’ll keep an eye on this – if it comes to our area we’ll want to showcase CDs by the artists on the tour.


Summer Reading Buzz May 22, 2008

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Supplement your Summer Reading Club book suggestions with some titles from the booklists that Scholastic has compiled for their summer reading program, “Summer Reading Buzz“. What a coincidence!

Little House on the Great White Way November 14, 2007

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This is waaaay advance warning: the Little House on the Prairie books have been made into a musical which will premiere on Broadway in summer of 2008. Really. They’re going to call it Prairie! Probably without the exclamation point. Looks like Patrick Swayze will play Michael Landon, I mean Pa. Keep it in mind for future beef-ups etc.

Summer Reading Central September 17, 2007

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Reading list titles shelved together

Here’s a time-saver (not to mention a shelf-space saver), spotted at Howard County’s Miller branch.

Take those tried-and-true perennial reading list titles (Animal Farm comes to mind, also A Lesson Before Dying, Things Fall Apart, Night, A Tale of Two Cities) that we keep multiple copies of just for summer, and give them their own little fixture. Here they’ve used paperback carousels, but a batch of dumps might work well too.

You can save a bunch of shelf space by keeping your multiples of Watership Down and 1984 off the regular fiction shelves.

During the summer, it’s one-stop shopping for the folks who come in clutching their lists, and you could even wheel the whole unit to some inconspicuous place once the summer reading season is over.

A gathering of tribes August 25, 2007

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Photo of the National Powwow by Walter Larrimore

The Baltimore American Indian Center held its 33rd annual Powwow this weekend in Patterson Park.

Search “powwow” in CARL for a small selection of books about powwows to headline a display about Native Americans, J 970.0049. Don’t forget the fiction: Joseph Bruchac, Louise Erdrich, and Marlene Carvell; the biographies: Sacagawea, Chief Joseph, Jim Thorpe, etc.; and the folklore: look in J 398 for Bruchac (again), Gerald Hausman, and Anita Delal.

Coloring pages here. Plus a word search!

At the fair August 25, 2007

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Celebrate the State Fair with a display of books like E.B. White‘s Charlotte’s Web, in which the fair plays a central part.

Easy books:

Angelina at the fair by Katharine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig
Oh, look! by Patricia Polacco
Brave potatoes by Toby Speed ; illustrated by Barry Root.
Knitting Nell by Julie Jersild Roth
County Fair : adapted from the Little house books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Jody Wheeler.
Emma at the fair by Margriet Ruurs ; illustrated by Barbara Spurll
Minerva Louise at the fair by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Time for the fair by Mary Train; illus. by Karel Hayes

First Chapter Books

Cookie crazy; illustrated by Steve Haefele; based on the Scholastic book series “Clifford the big red dog” by Norman Bridwell
Pig pickin’ by Stephanie Greene ; illustrated by Joe Mathieu
It’s a fair day, Amber Brown / Paula Danziger ; illustrated by Tony Ross

Juvenile fiction

Danger at the Fair by Peg Kehret
Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park
Fair Weather by Richard Peck
Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Spacewalk today! August 11, 2007

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Talk about a road trip! As work continues on the International Space Station, members of the space shuttle and Expedition 15 crews will be out and about, bolting an important piece in place and making power and data connections.

Books on space flight (629.45), plus astronaut biographies would make an inspiring display. Click “more” for a list of astronauts whose biographies BCPL has on hand.

Coloring pages here.


Commemorate India’s Independence August 8, 2007

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Celebrate the 60th anniversary of India’s independence next Thursday, August 15. DVDs! Cookbooks! Kids’ books! We’ve got it all: click “more” to see lists of books and authors.

And click here or here for coloring pages!

Smart TV August 7, 2007

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On a hot day, it’s very tempting to keep the kids inside and park them in front of the TV. Give parents and caregivers an alternative to cartoons by putting out some of your more exciting non-fiction DVD’s. Click “more” for some suggestions.


Hot titles for hot days August 7, 2007

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In addition to Neal Layton‘s Hot Hot Hot, a late-summer hot-weather picture book display might include the following:

Hot Day on Abbott Avenue by Karen English ; illustrated by Javaka Steptoe
Earth to Audrey / written by Susan Hughes ; illustrated by Stéphane Poulin.
Block Party Today! by Marilyn Singer ; illustrated by Stephanie Roth.
Cool Time Song by Carole Lexa Schaefer ; illustrated by Pierr Morgan
Hot air : the (mostly) true story of the first hot-air balloon ride / Marjorie Priceman
Root beer and banana / Sarah Sullivan ; illustrated by Greg Shed.
Katie’s Sunday afternoon / James Mayhew
One hot summer day / by Nina Crews.
The Pigeon finds a hot dog! / words and pictures by Mo Willems.
Think cool thoughts / by Elizabeth Perry ; illustrated by Linda Bronson.
Heat wave / written by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by Betsy Lewin.

Do parents and caregivers a favor with a few books on crafts and activities kids can do indoors. This time of year, most folks are fresh out of ideas!

Coloring pages here and here and here. (Sorry about all the pop-ups!)

Reading Road Trip display at Parkville August 2, 2007

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Reading Road Trip display at Parkville

Click on this picture and check out the details – this is Parkville’s SRC display, and isn’t it great?

Sneaks is on a road trip from California to Baltimore. His progress marks Parkville’s progress meeting their SRC signup goal!

The postcards around the edges are from SRC participants who took library address labels with them on vacation and mailed back a card.

Many thanks to Margaret MacLeod for sharing this fantastic display!

Le jour de gloire est arrivé! July 12, 2007

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Celebrate Bastille Day July 14 with a quickie display of books on the French Revolution, French food, French art, biographies of French monarchs and thinkers, and books on the beauty of France. Explore Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, a fascinating digital library from George Mason University and the City University of New York for inspiration and keywords.

The Bay Game July 11, 2007

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Most branches have by now received copies of The Bay Game book, a very nice booklet of mazes, word searches, fish facts, and other activities that the toll booth operators at the Bay Bridge hand out to families passing through.

Why not make a big thing out of these giveaways with a display of coordinating books? B is for Blue Crab, Beach by Elisha Cooper, the books of Priscilla Cummings, and non-fiction from 577.786 (estuaries) and 975.518 (Chesapeake Bay) would highlight this terrific little perk for our customers.

Mighty Cal July 11, 2007

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Within three weeks Baltimore’s hometown hero, Cal Ripken, will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pay tribute to his career and the fervor it inspired with a display of anything Ripken you can find – once books like The Ripken Way (796.357 R) and Count Me In (J B R) are snapped up, fill in the gaps with Orioles books and baseball materials in general.

Ripken’s career stats available from MLB.

Baseball printable activities and coloring pages here.

I shall think it a most plenteous crop July 11, 2007

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Tomato sandwich today!

Ah, summer! Tomatos, peppers, beans, and the dreaded zucchini are ripening in backyard gardens across Maryland. Honor the fruits of all that garden labor with a selection of summer cookbooks that celebrate vegetables. A CARL search on keywords “garden” and “cookery” will yield at least enough for an aisle-end slatwall.

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! July 11, 2007

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rain, Everglades

Like it or not, summer thunderstorms are upon us. Help satisfy kid (and grownup) curiosity about these tumultuous meteorological events with a display of books and DVD’s on hurricanes, tornados, and other severe weather.

Lucky Number Seven July 6, 2007

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Ok, we all know it’s superstitious nonsense, but tomorrow is the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of this millenium – 7/7/07 – and apparently, Las Vegas is expecting a record number of gamblers, there are tons and tons of weddings scheduled, and… it’s the centennial of Robert A. Heinlein’s birth.

Get out your numerology books, your books on poker and gambling, and heck, why not drag out the Heinlein books too. Given that we appear to have survived 6/6/06, when lots of people thought the world was going to end, we should celebrate 7/7/07!

Fight evil. Read books. July 6, 2007

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It’s a question we face every time… how do we capitalize on the new Harry Potter book – and movie! – when all our copies are checked out?

Use BCPL’s After Harry Potter booklist to select similar books for a big fantasy display. Multnomah County’s “If you liked Harry Potter, try…” list is long and up-to-date. Click on this link, as the link from BCPL’s Harry Potter page is broken. Similar lists are online from other library systems. Waterboro Public Library has a very comprehensive one, as does Boston Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library, and Christchurch City Libraries (in New Zealand!).

Try to put this display where adults are likely to see it too – we know plenty of grownups who read Diane Wynne Jones and Philip Pullman (not to mention J.K. Rowling) purely for pleasure!

Bon appetit! June 29, 2007

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Ratatouille is this summer’s family movie from Pixar, and like The Incredibles and Cars in years past, it is likely to be a big hit. Ratatouille is the story of Remy, a rat who lives in Paris and is a serious, though unlikely, gourmand. Misunderstood Remy, who wants nothing more than to celebrate the wonderful food that surrounds him, schemes up a way to express himself through cooking with the help of a somewhat hapless human accomplice.

BCPL can ride Remy’s coattails (rattail?) with a display of kids’ cookbooks, or play up the Reading Road Trip angle with a bunch of books on Paris and France. Click “more” for a short list of books that might fill out a small movie tie-in display..


Head out on the highway! June 29, 2007

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Thanks to Dave Lapenotiere of White Marsh for sending this picture of their SRC display table covered with maps. It’s an inspired display idea that’s also inexpensive and quick – what’s not to love?! You might also use road maps as backdrops on standing shelf units.

There’s so much that we share… May 31, 2007

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It’s a World of Hopes Originally uploaded by StarrGazr

Baltimore’s Showcase of Nations Ethnic Festivals (no kidding, that’s what they’re calling it) kicks off this Friday, June 1, with the Polish Festival in Patterson Park. Here’s the schedule, for your weekend entertainment and display use:

June 1- 3: Polish Festival, Patterson Park at Linwood and Eastern Avenues.

June 8-10: St. Nicholas Greek Folk Festival, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 520 South Ponca St.

June 23-24: LatinoFest, Patterson Park at Linwood and Eastern Avenues.

July 6-8: African American Heritage Festival Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

July 13-15: Caribbean Carnival Festival, Druid Hill Park.

July 28-29: International Festival, Poly/Western High School parking lot at Falls Rd and West Coldspring Lane.

August 11 & 12: NAIJA Fest (Nigerian festival), Patterson Park.

August 24-26: PowWow Native American Festival, Patterson Park at Linwood and Eastern Avenues.

September 8-9: Ukrainian Festival, Patterson Park at Linwood and Eastern Avenues.

September 22: Korean American Festival, War Memorial Plaza at Fayette and Gay Streets.

October 19-21: Russian Festival, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, 1723 East Fairmount Ave.

TV tie-ins May 26, 2007

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Well, this blog kind of missed a trick with the Henry VIII miniseries this month – did you see some demand for books on the Renaissance and biographies of Anne Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon? We sure did.

So, in the category of Learning from our Mistakes…

Take advantage of the Hallmark Channel’s Marco Polo to highlight the gorgeous new book by Russell Freedman, The Adventures of Marco Polo (J B P), as well as other biographies of the enigmatic explorer.

PBS is presenting the television premier of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, a really wonderful 2003 documentary about a homeless San Francisco man whose life is changed by his acquaintance with, yes, parrots. When was the last time you had an excuse to group together books about parrots, homelessness, and San Francisco?

There always seems to be a good excuse to haul out the pirate books, and lately, there are always great new pirate books to haul out. This time, it’s a new “Survivor”-style reality series, called Pirate Master. A batch of contestants set sail on a square-rigger ship sailing the Caribbean and complete “expeditions” for gold coins. There’s a new Pirates of the Caribbean game (on both XBox and Playstation), as well as Scourge of the Seas, by Angus Konstam and The Republic of Pirates, by Colin Woodard (both, 910.45) to headline a scurvy piratical display.

Road trips in American history May 24, 2007

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We know you’ll be recommending the classic journeys of children’s literature during SRC this summer: Huckleberry Finn, Hitty, Walk Two Moons… but what about those kids who insist on “true books,” the kids who want non-fiction or at the very least historical fiction?

Look to America’s famous trails and roads for fascinating true stories and historical fiction. The Oregon Trail, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the Underground Railroad are just three examples of American journeys that have provided vivid settings for terrific works of children’s literature.

You might use the themes listed below to create informative displays, flesh out your book lists, or to inspire your efforts to find just the right book for your nonfiction and historical fiction readers.

Click “more” for a list of journeys and trails in American history. A few notable recent books are highlighted for each (Easy, Juvenile, and adult titles suitable for teens are listed). Call numbers are provided.


Powerful public speaking May 24, 2007

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‘Tis the season, what with graduations and weddings and Hall of Fame ceremonies and whatnot, for people to make speeches and toasts.

Help ’em out a little with a selection from 808.51, plus books of humor, quotable essays and poetry (also the odd children’s book!). Click “more” for a few suggestions:


Checking in with Camelot May 20, 2007

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Former President John F. Kennedy and former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy are shown in the presidential limousine in the moments before Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. REUTERS/Handout-Gaylord Broadcasting/NBC

Today’s New York Times Book Review covers two upcoming books on John F. Kennedy‘s assassination. Both thoroughly researched, one, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, by David Talbot, puts forth the case for a big ol’ conspiracy, and the other, Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi, argues that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Both are coming to BCPL, and both are sure to get big play on the talk-radio circuit. If you’re at a loss for a late-May/early-June display, why not try to get someone – anyone – to check out Bugliosi’s 1600-page opus by placing it in a display of other Kennedy books? There are a couple recent books on Jackie (One Special Summer and What Jackie Taught Us), and the DVD of Bobby (starring everyone from Harry Belafonte to Elijah Wood), to round out a display of material supporting this recent spate of scholarship.

Blockbuster season is here! May 16, 2007

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… and not just at the movies. Sure, Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, and the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie are going to get a lot of attention this summer, but publishers have their big guns at the ready too!

Make a space for best-sellers (if you don’t have one already) and keep it filled with hot titles straight from the return room. Put up multiple copies of the same title, or celebrate a single author by loading up a display full of their recent titles. Authors such as James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele, and Janet Evanovich use the same cover layout for each book – makes for a striking display!

The sure-fire hits you can count on for this summer are:

Patterson, James. The 6th Target.

Hosseini, Khaled. A thousand splendid suns.

Connelly, Michael. The Overlook.

Sandford, John. Invisible Prey.

Evanovich, Janet. Lean Mean 13.

Baldacci, David. Simple Genius.

Coulter, Catherine. Double Take.

Griffin, W.E.B. The Double Agents.

Frey, Stephen. The Fourth Order.

Parker, Robert B. Spare Change.

Steele, Danielle. Bungalow 2.

… and some J series book by this British woman named Rowling, due out July 21.

Look into the future whenever you want using Amazon’s New and Future Releases list (presented in order of popularity) and BCPL’s Hot Titles list (alpha by author).

Teen Tech Week, March 4-10 February 15, 2007

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New for 2007, YALSA announces Teen Tech Week, an event aimed at “getting teens to use their libraries for the different technologies that are offered there, such as DVDs, databases, audiobooks, electronic games and more.”

More teen tech resources, including information about blogging, creating a wiki, and a link to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, have been aggregated by YALSA.

Making awards lists more accessible November 2, 2006

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Here’s a great idea for always being able to put your hands on your lists of Juvenile award-winning books.

Perry Hall prints the lists on bordered paper and sets them out in an easel stand – easy for you to find and easy to point out to a parent if you’re busy.

Juvenile non-fiction display topics for summer September 12, 2006

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Juvenile non-fiction display topics for summer

Originally uploaded by hypatia atoz.
Click the slide to see it larger.