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Summer Reading Central September 17, 2007

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Reading list titles shelved together

Here’s a time-saver (not to mention a shelf-space saver), spotted at Howard County’s Miller branch.

Take those tried-and-true perennial reading list titles (Animal Farm comes to mind, also A Lesson Before Dying, Things Fall Apart, Night, A Tale of Two Cities) that we keep multiple copies of just for summer, and give them their own little fixture. Here they’ve used paperback carousels, but a batch of dumps might work well too.

You can save a bunch of shelf space by keeping your multiples of Watership Down and 1984 off the regular fiction shelves.

During the summer, it’s one-stop shopping for the folks who come in clutching their lists, and you could even wheel the whole unit to some inconspicuous place once the summer reading season is over.


Git along, little dogies September 21, 2006

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RE- 018

Where are your Westerns? Lost in the regular shelving?

Why not do as Reisterstown did, and round ’em up into a free-standing dump or gondola?

Spine out works best for urban fiction September 13, 2006

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Paperbacks with curling covers can look more presentable when presented spine out, packed fairly tightly. Have more on hand to add to the display when gaps begin to occur.