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Manga manga manga! September 18, 2007

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Graphic novels at Towson

Here’s one way to display paperback series in an eye-catching way:

Stack each issue of the same series horizontally, with the least shelf-worn issue face-out on top.

If there are more than 4 or 5 issues of the same titles, space permitting, you might want to put the face-out issue to the immediate left of the stack.


It’s a Big Big Read September 7, 2007

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October’s Big Read puts us in the unusual position of having tons of new copies of one book to merchandize – let’s make the most of it! Posters, bookmarks, CDs and Reader’s Guides are on their way to your branch, but it’s not too early to start thinking up display ideas.

You might:

  • Line copies up on all the aisle ends
  • Stack them on tables and counters
  • Lay them flat on shelf tops

And don’t forget props and signage! Fahrenheit 451 is about censorship and book burning, so you might display lists of banned books, toy firefighter helmets or fire trucks to make your display stand out.

As the books disappear, back up this selection with other books by Ray Bradbury, books from the frequently-challenged lists, and other books on dystopian societies.

The Tralfamadorian has left the building April 12, 2007

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Kurt Vonnegut has died at the age of 84. Along with his classic works of fiction, he wrote plays and memoirs. Similar authors include Philip K. Dick, Joseph Heller, Philip Roth, Robertson Davies, Mordecai Richler, John Kennedy Toole.

What’s that eerie green glow? March 10, 2007

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If you’re at the Arbutus branch, it’s the science fiction section! Check out this space-age idea submitted to the CCD blog by Karen Hoffman… 

We added a green glow to our science fiction shelving lights by using flourescent light sleeves from an aquarium store. It certainly sets the section apart.

Karen adds that Arbutus began seeing better circulation of their science ficiton collection when they beefed up complete sets of popular science fiction series.

PS: If anyone has any pictures of this out-of-this-world phenomenon, please send them to pwilley-at-bcpl.net. Thanks!