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Pop-up problems: solved! January 12, 2007

Posted by sneaks in great ideas, J is for Juvenile, pop-up books, shelf tops.
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pop-up books

It’s a dilemma – pop-up books are so appealing and cool, but so SO fragile! They beg to be touched, so we want to show them off, but too much love and they’re history.

At this branch of the New York Public Library, the librarians display all the newest (i.e. least damaged) pop-up books on a shelf at (about) adult shoulder level, open to a eye-popping page. This way, there’s usually a grownup handing the book to the child. That means there’s at least a chance that the adult will teach or show the child how to get at all the pop-up fabulosity without ripping the thing to shreds.

Besides, it’s not just kids who think pop-ups are cool. This placement subtly shows the adult that the public library is a great place to find the high-end stuff too!

The three-D castle above ties in with the pop-ups really nicely, but not all of us have paper engineers on staff!