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“Home-work” display September 22, 2007

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“Home-work” display

Cooler weather brings out the do-it-yourself-er in some people. A display of books on landscape design, home repair, deck building, etc. can be accessorized with bricks, paint cans, hand tools, and other easily-obtained items. This display in Howard County uses a length of Astroturf as a drape.


It’s a Big Big Read September 7, 2007

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October’s Big Read puts us in the unusual position of having tons of new copies of one book to merchandize – let’s make the most of it! Posters, bookmarks, CDs and Reader’s Guides are on their way to your branch, but it’s not too early to start thinking up display ideas.

You might:

  • Line copies up on all the aisle ends
  • Stack them on tables and counters
  • Lay them flat on shelf tops

And don’t forget props and signage! Fahrenheit 451 is about censorship and book burning, so you might display lists of banned books, toy firefighter helmets or fire trucks to make your display stand out.

As the books disappear, back up this selection with other books by Ray Bradbury, books from the frequently-challenged lists, and other books on dystopian societies.

Read a rainbow! August 26, 2007

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Read a rainbow, Seattle PL

We just returned from a visit to the Pacific Northwest, and what trip to Seattle would be complete without a stop at the new, space-age, incredibly-well-funded central branch of the Seattle Public Library!

The librarians there were very welcoming and fun to talk to (lots of tattoos). We took lots of pictures (camera was out of commission, so, sorry, they’re cellphone pictures) and snatched up most of their brochures and reading lists. Lots to share, so let’s get started.

First up was this sweet and pretty display in the children’s area. “Read a Rainbow!” was printed out on colored paper and inserted into acrylic stands. Small gauzy drapes (maybe they were cheap chiffon scarves) were hung along the top shelf edge, and the picture books below were arranged in rainbow color order.

They had this right out front, and it really caught the eye. And there’s got to be some kind of transgressive thrill to arranging books in color order instead of by call # or alpha by author – for once!

Furry friends for picture books March 30, 2007

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03 23 07 010

Take your cue from the inviting windows of The Children’s Bookstore in Baltimore, and augment a display of farm friends picture books with stuffed farm friends.

This works for any elevated display in the children’s area, but you might also make a sweet display of spring picture books and stuffed toys near the checkout. It will distract the kids as they wait in line and bring the books to the parents attention.

He’s mad, I tell you! January 12, 2007

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bulletin board

Click this photo – it’s worth looking at full-sized!

Is there someone at your branch who is just amazingly creative? Maybe it’s someone who is already doing your displays and signs, or maybe there’s someone just waiting to be asked.

The incredible bulletin boards at the St Agnes branch of the New York Public Library are done by Javier Horta, a Librarian Trainee. When I spoke to him, he was very enthusiastic about the dragon he’s creating for his next big display!

Don’t forget that merchandizing this good isn’t something a talented person throws together in his or her spare time. If you’re lucky enough to have someone like Javier, who can arrange artful displays, make good-looking signs, or sculpt dragons, that person will be happiest and most creative when given time on the schedule to do it.

Meet Molly January 12, 2007

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American Girl books and doll bookend

Doesn’t she make a great bookend? Ask around – maybe you have a friend whose daughters have outgrown their American Girl dolls.

You might not want to risk this if your series titles are shelved far out of view of the desk.

It IS a small world! October 5, 2006

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Pine Grove Elementary School contacted Parkville to say that their theme for this semester was, “It’s a Small World.” Parkville responded with this great display of folk and fairy tales from around the world, and accessorized it with an inflatable globe hanging from the ceiling.

Very nice!

A perfect tablecloth September 21, 2006

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PI- 022 This red drape picks up the colors in some of the books on display, and furthermore hides the boxes and supports that turn this plain square table into what looks like a custom display fixture!

Small or muted patterns are best for tablecloths and drapes – the small metallic pattern on this one dazzles without detracting from the books.

Nice one, Pikesville!